2021 AGM Office Bearers 2021-22

December 16, 2021 | General
2021 AGM Office Bearers 2021-22

Office Bearers 2021-22

Patrons Sharon Bird MP, Ryan Park MP, Chairman Bellambi Bowling Club
Public Officer Craig Kershaw
President Craig Kershaw
Deputy President Matthew Theris
Director of Administration Tara Robertson
Director of Finance Janice Kershaw
Director of Lifesaving Craig St George
Director of Education Jackie Percy
Director of Junior Activities Chairperson Chad MacNamara
Management Committee Positions  
Vice Club Captain Luke Edwards
Power Craft Captain Les Nicholls
Vice Power Craft Captain Brody Robertson
Junior Development Officer Chad MacNamara & Tara Robertson
Members Delegates Jackie Percy & Tegan Robertson
Competition Convenor Jackie Percy & Kylie Bone
Social Convenor All Directors
Inclusion & Diversity Officer Dion Dissanyake & Samantha Phillips
UAVs Officer Robert Gorkin

Honorary Officers

First Aid Officer Keighly Linbeck
Radio Officer Lewis Laing
Gear Steward Chad MacNamara, Jackson, Halle, Kinley & Brody
Club Coach Bruce Percy & Ray Wylie
Swim & Board Coach Tara Robertson
Publicity Officer Craig Kershaw
Hall Convenor Craig Kershaw
OH&S Officer: 2 year posting Robert Duggan
Member Services Officer Hold Over
Youth Development Officers Chad MacNamara, Jackson, Halle, Brody, Kinley & Josh
Sub Committees  
House Committee Janice Kershaw & Tegan Robertson
Special Awards Committee John Hobbs, Darren Heath, Les Nicholls, Robert Duggan
Social Committee All Directors