2017 Annual General Meeting

July 29, 2017 | Club news
2017 Annual General Meeting

Held 30 July 2017

Meeting opened at 2.00 pm

Attendance: John Hobbs, Robert Duggan, Janice Kershaw, Gary Weston, Les Nicholls, Craig Kershaw, Susan Joy, Marc Joy, Tara Robertson, Tegan Robertson, Brody Robertson, Richard Monk, Jack Vanderburg, Hank Van Stuivenberg, Adam Smithers, Kath Hill, Grace St George, Craig St George, Ellie St George, Gina Crick.

Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting

Moved: The minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting are confirmed and adopted.

Moved: R Duggan/ H Van Stuivenberg, CARRIED

Urgent and essential business arising from the previous AGM minutes


Apologies: Maxine & Tony Collins, John Heath, , Jackie Percy, Bruce Percy, Alan Parsons ,Darren Heath, Paul Scully, Neil Robertson, John Masters.

Moved: L Nicholls/ J Kershaw CARRIED

Annual Report of Bellambi Surf Life Saving Club Inc. for the 2015-16 season

The annual report was received and adopted

Moved: R Duggan/ L Nicholls CARRIED

Financial Statement of the Bellambi Surf Life Saving Club for 2015

The financial statement was received and adopted and that the AGM accepts the independent audit report for 2015.

Moved: J Hobbs/ C St George CARRIED

Election of office bearers for the 2015-16 season

Patrons Sharon Bird MP, Ryan Park MP, Chairman Bellambi Bowling Club.
Public Officer Craig Kershaw

President Craig Kershaw
Vice President Craig St George
Secretary Tara Robertson
Treasurer Paul Scully
Club Captain Adam Smithers
Chief Instructor Jackie Percy
Junior Activities Chairperson Marc Joy

Management Committee Positions
Vice Club Captain/s Jackie Percy
IRB Captain Les Nicholls
Junior Development Officer Tegan Robertson
Registrar John Hobbs
Members Delegates Tegan Robertson, Jackie Percy
Competition Convenor Gina Crick
Social Convenor Gina Crick

Honorary Officers
First Aid Officer Craig St George
Radio Officer Les Nicholls
Gear Steward Neil Robertson
Club Coach Jackie Percy
Publicity Officer Craig Kershaw
Hall Convenor Craig Kershaw
OH&S Officer: 2 year posting Robert Duggan

Sub Committees
House Committee Janice Kershaw, John Hobbs
Special Awards Committee Hank Van Stuivenberg, John Hobbs, Darren Heath, Les Nicholls, Robert Duggan,
Social Committee Tegan Robertson, Jackie Percy, Grace St George, Gina Crick

Moved that the election of office bearers for the 2016-17 season be adopted.

Moved: L Nicholls/ R Duggan CARRIED

It was confirmed that affiliation for the 2016-17 season be with:

Surf Life Saving Australia
Surf Life Saving New South Wales
Surf Life Saving Illawarra

Moved: L Nicholls/ H Van Stuivenberg CARRIED

Special Awards Committee Report

25 Years Patrol Service Award
John Hobbs
Darren Heath
35 Years Patrol service Award
Valoria Crick
40 Years Patrol service Award
Les Nicholls
National Medal Clasp
Darren Heath

Nominations for awards be accepted H Van Stuivenberg/ Craig St George

Life Membership
Richard Monk

Nomination be accepted J Hobbs/ L Nicholls